Welcome to Advivia!

Advivia offers a way to provide help for those who are in need

Advivia gGmbH is a non-profit organization furthering social projects and development aid. As a non-profit, Christian and international organization, we carry out projects and/or support programs that work for the benefit of disadvantaged people in Germany and abroad.

In the face of intensifying global challenges, ranging from warlike conflicts to climate change, we like to contribute to sustainably support people in improving their personal and communal  situation by enabling our partners to develop a better living in self-dependence.

Every development unfolds through dialogue and interaction between people, therefore direct communication and exchange with locals is particularly important to us. That´s why we pay special attention to smaller projects that focus on the local community.

Support in form of financial and practical assistance from experienced professionals is offered not only for education, health or agricultural development projects, but also, as appropriate, for disaster relief and other humanitarian aid.


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